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Mothering the artist

Posted on October 28, 2012 with 0 comments
I've just returned from an inspiring two days at the Women on Fire conference in Chicago. I arrived on Thursday and took a walk to help shift my thinking from my pile of responsibilities to a focus on that baby artist who keeps poking at my heart. I didn't plan a destination but found myself at the Museum of Contemporary Art's a video of the work that glued me to the sidewalk.
The next day, during the conference, I made a promise to an incredible group of women to nurture my imagination and the ways that it manifests from my hands. I also promised to share the results with others. Some of the words I heard included something like this: "Comparing yourself to others creates hell on earth...comparing yourself to yourself creates opportunities for growth and limitless possibilities." That's not exactly what Rob Berkley said but that's what I heard.
So...just for me...I'm going to commit myself to some imaginative and hopefully creative expression every day and we'll see where [...]
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